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Edukacja Elektronika Pomiary oscyloskopowe Jaki oscyloskop ? 10 pytań i odpowiedzi

Jaki oscyloskop ? 10 pytań i odpowiedzi



Nota aplikacyjna napisana w formie 10 pytań i odpowiedzi ułatwiająca wybór właściwego oscyloskopu w zależności od planowanego zastosowania.

You rely on your oscilloscope every day, so selecting the right one to meet your needs is an important task. Comparing the specs and features of scopes made by different manufacturers can be time-consuming and confusing. The concepts outlined in this article are intended to speed your selection process and help you avoid some common pitfalls. No matter who makes the scopes you are considering, carefully analyzing each one in relation to the ten issues discussed herein will help you evaluate the instruments objectively. As you start the scope selection process, you probably have a price range in mind. The price of a scope will depend on many factors including bandwidth, sample rate, number of channels, and memory depth. If you shop for a scope based upon price alone, you may end up with one lacking the performance you need. Instead, think in terms of value. If your budget is tight, you may want to consider renting a scope or purchasing used equipment.

After reading this document, you should have all the information required to choose the best possible scope for your applications.


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